• EXPERIENCE MATTERS: With over 50-years combined lending experience, Joe and Eric Metzler are your VA home loan experts.
  • VA Loan Application

    Ready to get started on your VA Loan Application? There is never any obligation to apply for a VA Refinance Loan or to get Pre-Approved to buy a home with your VA Eligibility. 

  • Why get fully pre-approved?

    If you're thinking about buying a home, getting fully pre-approved is a smartest first step to take. This way you know exactly which homes are in your budget, what monthly payments may look like, and how much money you may need to pull it all together.

    Your application, and all your supporting information will be reviewed and verified by an actual underwriter, leaving only the information related to the exact house outstanding.  With a Cambria Mortgage, fully verified preapproval, you tell real estate agents and sellers your are a serious offer, and that they know your loan will close on time. A fully verified approval is different than a typical 'approval' from most lenders that has only been reviewed by a Loan officer.