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    VA home loans are a true benefit for your service to this country. Our local VA loan experts will guide you to the perfect VA loan.

    Competitive rates on all VA loan programs

    Our VA loan rates generally beat the big VA internet lenders, plus we are local.

    Support throughout the entire VA mortgage process

    With well over 20-years assisting local U.S. Military personal obtain a VA home loan, our team of VA loan experts can answer all your questions to make sure you have a smooth and successful transaction.

  • We love VA loans, and have well over 40-years experience helping our U.S. Military personal, both active and retired in MN, WI, IA, ND, and SD obtain a VA home Loan. We can help you too!

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  • Getting Pre-Approved for your VA loan is the very first step in the home buying process... Even BEFORE contacting a Real Estate Agent

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  • Grab our free home buyers guide to download and print for off line reading. Tips, information, and more about the home buying process and mortgage loans.

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  • VA has two great refinance options, the IRRRL Interest Rate Reduction loan, or a Cash Out Refinance option up to 100% of today's appraised value

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  • Looking for a VA loans in MN, WI, IA, SD, or ND?

    Thank you for your service. You deserve nothing but the best. 

    From Minneapolis and St Paul, to Rochester and Duluth. From Madison, and Milwaukee to Green Bay. From Sioux Falls, to Fargo, and Des Moines to Cedar Rapids and Davenport, we do upper midwest VA loans right! We are your local VA lender based right here in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis, St Paul. Our local VA loan experts live here, work here, and support our local military personal.

    If you are current or retired military, you can not beat using a VA loan to buy your home. A VA loan is one of the best benefits for your service.

    With so many VA lenders to choose from both locally and nationally, you need to pick one you can trust to provide the mortgage loan that is best for you - and that usually isn't some out-state internet lender who can't even find this area on a map!

    You can expect to receive the most competitive interest rates, and lowest closing costs on your VA loan from our knowledgeable VA mortgage professionals. There is nothing on the internet you can’t get from us, and the reality, is we are usually better.

    See our 5 Star Promise

  • Need the lowest VA loan interest rates in MN, WI, IA, ND, SD?

    VAMortgageMN.com, by Cambria Mortgage is committed to providing you with some of the best and lowest VA interest rates in the upper midwest states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota!

    Get a personalized mortgage interest rate and closing cost quote 24/7. No SSN required.  We are your local award winning Mortgage Experts, with a 5 STAR Performance Promise!

  • VA Purchase or Refinance Loan

    For our military personal, we offer an amazing VA Home Loan to buy your home. The VA Streamline Refinance, also known as an IRRRL Loan. No appraisal needed, and limited documentation needed.

    Need cash Out?

    If you need to take a little extra cash out of your home, VA loans allow you to take cash out up to 100% of today's appraised vale of your home (less any funding fees).. What could you do with the extra money if you refinance your VA mortgage? Remodel your home, pay off student loans or credit cards?  Use the money for anything you want! Learn more about a VA Cash Out refinance

  • Latest VA Mortgage News

  • VA loan after foreclosure

    Life can throw us some curves. Sometimes that means even the best of us may have ended up having financial issues that lead to a foreclosure. But having an old foreclosure does not prevent you from getting a new loan in the future, even if you've had a foreclosure on a previous

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  • Had enough of the lies and confusion?

    I get it. The home financing process can be frustrating with all the lies, misinformation, and confusion surrounding it. Searching the internet for the best VA lenders, or best VA rates usually just brings up the biggest liars trying to capture your attention. Even the most

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  • VA First Time Home Buyers don't need Down Payment Assistance

    VA Loans are do not require a down payment, and the sellers can pay your closing costs, so there is no need to bother with any down payment assistance programs in most cases.  You can potentially combine a VA loan and a down payment assistance program. Ask for details.

    We can take your VA Loan Application in our office, over the phone at (651) 552-3681, or you can complete a VA Loan Application securely apply online 24/7.

    Regardless of the application manner, your information will be processed and reviewed by an experienced, local, and licensed VA Loan Officer.