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  • What to expect when applying

  • Thank you for applying online with us. We appreciate your business. 


    First and foremost, expect to have your loan handled by experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated loan professionals.
    Once your mortgage application is started, expect to have an answer within 24-hours, as our state-of-the-art loan processing system will work to give you an approval decision as quickly as possible.
    INFORMATION NEEDED is different for each applicant, but most require the same basic information, which you should have on hand for each applicant:
    • Social Security Number
    • Gross income amount, including secondary income sources, if applicable
    • Asset information, (Checking, savings, 401k, investment, and other accounts)  
    • Name and address of your employer
    • Estimated purchase price (if you are purchasing a home)
    • Estimated property value (if you are refinancing a home)
    • Loan amount (if you are refinancing a home)
    • Estimated down payment amount (if you are purchasing a home)

    Begin Uploading Your Supporting Documents

    AFTER COMPLETING AN ONLINE APPLICATION, you will not only see this page, but you'll also get an immediate confirmation E-Mail, letting you know we have successfully received your application. Many people have "spam" blocker software, so please be sure to add the domain "@joemetzler.com" to your "white list", or approved sending list. 

    VIEWING YOUR LOAN details and progress is easy.  After application, you have access to a private secure area of our web site where you can view all aspects and progress of your loan! [Login into your account]

    We also offer a Smartphone app for iPhone or Android. Install it to get instant push notifications every time someone touches your application so you always know how your loan is progressing! 

    AFTER INITIAL APPLICATIONS, your Loan Officer will work with you to answer any questions about your loan. They will be happy to discuss your loan wants, needs, goals, abilities, and the overall VA loan mortgage process to ensure that you're comfortable with the loan you've selected. No matter how you've applied, you'll be able to make changes to your loan request, adjusting such features as your loan type, or down payment.

    ELECTRONIC SIGNING, as we progress with your VA loan application, you will will need to sign a copy of the application. This can be sent to you by fax, Email, postal mail, or courier, but almost always these days we send it via E-Mail for Electronic Signatures.

    PROCESSING YOUR LOAN, AND GETTING A DECISION for most loans, your application is run through automated underwriting systems (LP/DU), which are designed to provide fast initial results, often with reduced documentation. In fact, most loans can have a initial decision within minutes. The initial decision is not the final decision, as an Underwriter will need to review your full file, but getting an initial answer is the first step, and a major initial hurdle.

    With us, you can apply and close on many loans in a very short time period. However, each loan is different, and its important to communicate regularly with your Loan Officer throughout the period leading up to your closing date. This will allow you to be prepared in the event additional information is needed to finalize the loan.