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ABOUT Loan Officer Joe Metzler

Joe Metzler has been a highly rated Loan Officer for more than 20-years.


Joe Metzler - iMortgageJoe.com2018 -Top 300 Loan Officer in the Nation
2018 - Super Mortgage Professional
2016 - Top 300 Loan Officer in the Nation
2015 - Top 100 Loan Officer in the Nation
2014 - State of Minnesota Loan Officer of the Year
2011 - Top 40 Loan Officers to Watch
2010 - Top 150 Loan Officer in the Nation


Visit my personal website at www.iMortgageJoe.com


This is experience you can trust to get the job done, with the same commitment and dedication you provided when serving this great country.


I love VA loans.  They are by far, the BEST home loan available in the market today if you qualify, and I am proud to provide them to our service memebers


Sure, there are dozens of big banks and internet mortgage companies who offer VA loans. But what you really need is a local, Twin Cities based VA lender. 


Why? Because I live and work here. I have a hard earned local reputation to uphold. I know the upper Midwest, from St Paul and Minneapolis, to Rochester and Duluth. In Wisconsin, from  Madison and Milwaukee, to Green Bay and Appleton. In South Dakota from Pierre to Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Aberdeen, and surrounding areas.  I know the Real Estate Agents, appraisers, and inspectors who work these areas.

Don't gamble your families largest financial transaction on some out-state internet lender at some call center that may not even know where to find the Twin Cities on a map!Mortgages Unlimited BBB A+


With a Better Business Bureau A+ rating, you can trust we have your best interests in mind.

As the actual lender, we can close faster, and streamline the VA loan process better than most banks, and real estate office in house lenders.



We offer VA loans to purchase a home, streamline refinance your existing VA loan, or to even take cash out. You can also pick between fixed rate loans, and adjustable loans.


We will help you analyze which loans is best for you, then give you super competitive interest rates with low closing costs.

Talk to our VA Home Loan experts today, call (651) 552-3681


VA Expert Loan Officers + More  Choices = More Savings for You!

FHA Approved Mortgage lenderMember Minnesota Mortgage Association


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